1V-LSD x 100MCG DROP BOTTLE (Valerie)

1V-LSD/Valerie. New legal (in DE/FR too) liquid Lysergamide. Available for back order, product ready late July/early August.

Chemical Name: 1V-LSD

 IUPAC: 1-valeroyl-lysergic acid diethylamide hemi-L-tartrate
Strength (per drop): 100mcg




The latest release from our reptilian partners, 1V-LSD also known as Valerie is a new Lysergamide, ready at the end of July. It is LEGAL in Germany and France as well as the rest of the world. Dropper Depot, are proud to be the world’s ONLY retailer selling this in liquid form. 

We are excited to continuously add to our collection of Lysergamides including the popular 1cP-LSD and AL-LAD

Each bottle is carefully manufactured in-house using high-tech lab equipment, resulting in a high-quality finished product. We use medical-grade Ethanol as the base for the solution.

We expect this to sell fast, in stock and only here.

Instructions: Please be aware that each drop contains 100mcg of 1V-LSD. Ensure you wear gloves and goggles for protection when handling the solution.

This product is strictly made and sold for research purposes only-handle with great care. NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION.

*options 25, 50, 100 drops will be available in a drop-down menu as well as quantity of bottles*


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