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What exactly is LSD? LSD, or Lysergic acid diethylamide, is an extremely potent psychedelic substance which falls into the category of Lysergamides. This sacred compound is widely available in many forms. From blotters to pellets, from pellets to liquid. LSD in its ‘truest form’ is crystal. When I say ‘truest form’ I mean it’s the first form. All forms of LSD begin with LSD crystal. This partially synthesized psychedelic crystal is the beginning of all the different forms of LSD because you need crystal to make any LSD product! Sadly, LSD is still illegal across the whole Globe, despite the deeply profound impact it has made on countless individuals.

Let’s start with the beginning.

Who invented LSD?

LSD was invented by the one and only Albert Hofmann, a famous Swiss chemist. Not only was he the first chemist to discover LSD, but he was also the first to ingest it.

After creating LSD by accident, he went to handle the substance he created and accidentally ingested a tiny amount. When he rode his bike home from the laboratory that day, the effects began to take hold. He was extremely fascinated by his experience and intentionally ingested a larger one shortly after, realizing what he had accidentally discovered. This day (April 19th) is now known as bicycle day. Many psychonauts collectively drop acid on bicycle day to celebrate all that LSD has brought to the psychedelic community and as a tribute to Albert Hofmaa (RIP).

At the time of this miraculous invention, there was no way of foreseeing the long and interesting rollercoaster of a ride that this controversial compound would come to be. However, that is a story for another day! Let’s get into these misconceptions about LSD.

3 Major Misconceptions about LSD

Please keep in mind that this is an opinion-based article and what I state below is most definitely up for debate. If you have more to say, please, feel free to use the comments section below! We would love to hear what you think about the contents of this blog.

1) ‘‘LSD is a party drug.’’
Starting off with one of the most common misconceptions about LSD. Drugs, like LSD and magic mushrooms (psilocybin), are frequently portrayed as party drugs. In actuality, these substances are very unsuitable for a party atmosphere after exceeding a certain dose. Yes, microdoses (see below) are a different story. But when you mix psychedelics with a club/bar environment, you are asking for trouble!

LSD and other psychedelics can be excellent substances to take in festival settings. However, do proceed with great caution as tripping balls at a festival is definitely not for everyone. When I say LSD is not a party drug, I am ultimately referring to casually dropping acid before going to a club or somewhere where a similar environment. When it comes to festivals and raves, it is a different story for some individuals.

LSD heightens the 5 senses and your emotions to unbelievable levels. That being said, it should be taken more seriously than it is at times when picking a setting. As always, each to their own!

2) ‘‘LSD is only for tripping.’’
At certain doses, LSD will completely dismantle your brain’s usual ability to process the signals you receive from your environment. Or, in other words, it will totally dissolve what you knew reality to be. This is a famously known mind-bending, reality-altering, other-worldly substance-but does it have any other functions? Yes, it does!

Microdosing is the term for ingesting a tiny amount of a psychedelic substance (most often LSD or magic mushrooms) with the motive to enhance brain function without getting high. For this to work, the amount you ingest has to be absolutely tiny. We are talking 10mcg or less, which is 1/10 of a typical ‘full dose’. If you are feeling trippy or wavy, you are doing it wrong! Even extremely potent substances like LSD have various functions. Microdosing is still a new practice that we are learning how to optimize each day.

While LSD is most well known for getting people high, we are also finding other ways to utilize its mysterious benefits on the brain. This new practice could also initiate the normalization of using LSD to hardness its many benefits. It could pave a path for LSD to integrate into modern-day societies.




3) ‘‘LSD will make you jump out of a window.’’
There are countless stories about psychedelics that have been told to create fear revolving around these mysterious substances. We have all heard the made-up threats of LSD making you go crazy and jump out of a window! Maybe you have heard the rumour that it ‘puts holes in your brain’. Or, perhaps the tale of the ‘man who did LSD once and thought he was an orange for the rest of his life’ made its way to your ears.

In the past, the government has done their absolute best at using fear as a control mechanism in various areas of society. One of those areas is the ideologies revolving around drugs, especially psychedelics.

Psychedelics throw you into the deep end of the unknown. That fact in itself can kindle fear in someone who is scared of the unknown. Let’s be honest, the majority of the population is scared of the unknown. The government has done a great job at running with these ideas and milking it to the fullest.

Like all things, psychedelics have their own risks attached. However, I do not think the rumour that LSD makes people want to jump out of windows came from a loving government that wants you to be safe and sound. Perhaps it came from a controlling government that sees psychedelics, like LSD, as a threat to the systems they have set in place. Please, correct me if I am wrong!

Closing thoughts

There are many misconceptions about LSD, which is to be expected considering the nature of this compound. This article is most definitely not meant to mislead anyone into thinking that LSD is all good and nothing else. Everyone has their ideas about LSD and psychedelics in general.

Many of the misconceptions around this compound are the result of combining extreme taboo and fear around psychedelics for many years. We have been victims of deep conditioning. The step towards understanding this compound is to welcome open discussions about psychedelics and view their pros/cons with honest eyes. With this, we can pave a progressive path for the future of LSD and ultimately all other psychedelics.

Let us know in the comments what you think about LSD and its many misconceptions!


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